Amazon + McKinney

McKinney enters the ring for Amazon HQ2 headquarters bid
McKinney, Texas (Oct. 17, 2017) –

Thanks to a $10 million in-kind pledge from the
Jorba family, one of the founding families of Bimbo Bread, the city of McKinney is
competing to win the hearts of all Amazonians as they select the location for their
second US headquarters.

Santiago Jorba, grandson of Jaime Jorba, who manages the family’s business office
said the Jorba family pledged 100 acres of property in their prestigious Honeycreek
development to the city of McKinney who will pitch this location as one of its top
locations for the Amazon HQ2. The 100-acre donation is valued at $10 million.
“My family believes in McKinney,” he said. “I am the third generation of Jorba’s to
invest within the city of McKinney, a process that began in the early 1980s with my
grandfather. We feel there is no better place for the Amazon headquarters than the
city of McKinney. The quality of life is unbeatable, the city is young and growing and
as our local officials say, ‘McKinney is open for business.’”

The donated property sits in the center of Jorba’s future Honeycreek project, a
2,500-acre master-planned community in the city’s northwest sector. The master
planned community's values and identity blend well with those of Amazon, bringing
to fruition a true work, play, live community and one that encompasses Amazon
principles, the city's future and community life.

“We have been working diligently to rewrite the script of how a typical community
develops,” Jorba said. “We are working on something truly unique that has not been
seen before. We welcome Amazon’s input to develop a truly sustainable community
with the focus on people and the environment.

Over the past 25 years, Jorba’s team has been involved with Master Planned
Communities across the country. Members of the design team have been recognized
for their design efforts; including multiple awards for their innovative work with
new-urbanism principles, affordable housing, and integrated communities.

The Honeycreek community will include miles of hike and bike trails, two lakes, 300
acres of green space, access to an existing 250-acre passive park, farmers markets
and an entire community center dedicated to small, local businesses. Jorba said
plans for the development have been underway for nearly five years, with the first
neighborhoods expected to come online in late 2019.

The project also includes a 200-acre corporate center and mixed-use development.
The corporate center at Honeycreek, located near one of the properties pristine
lakes, marries the natural beauty of the area with the needs of a major corporate
user. Benefits include fiber internet capabilities, technology-based energy and utility
systems, infrastructure monitoring abilities, transportation solutions and a slew of
other high-tech capabilities to make life easier for the corporate user.

“We think this groundbreaking community will be used as a template for master
planned communities to come,” Jorba said. “It will truly break the mold and we hope
Amazon is there with us each step of the way.”

This fall, Amazon announced plans to open another headquarters in North America
stating the facility would cost at least $5 billion to build and operate and would
employ as many as 50,000 people.

Cities and regional economic development organizations across the country have
been invited to submit proposals by Oct. 19. Amazon sent a detailed a list of
preferences as a starting point for cities hoping to woo the organization.

Amazon is expected to begin sifting through applications early 2018.
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