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HQ2: A lifestyle campusA story of a day in the life from an employee perspective……

"My alarm rings and rather than hit the snooze, I spring from the bed, excited about spending my day in the place I get to call my ‘office'.  First hard decision I have to make; I can drive to work, or I can walk from my contemporary townhouse a few blocks away, through a series of programmed and natural open spaces along some of the most beautiful trail corridors anywhere. Since I have to go grocery shopping after work, so I choose to drive. I pull into the protection of an underground parking ‘village' and can emerge through any number of expansive access ways to a series of central open terraces and interactive plaza spaces. Just ahead is the center stage where we had our 4th of July celebration last night; and where just a week earlier, we saw (insert country music star of choice here) in concert. Sometimes we have movie night. On display during the holiday season stands the most amazing Christmas tree you’ve ever seen (would give the Rockefeller specimen a run for it’s money). During the lunch hour and breaks, this whole area is served by local market and food vendors, with the background of music and water play filling the entire space. It seems as if every member on campus is here; whether engaged in conversation or sitting peacefully with their (iPads/other) privately in a corner. Through these lower plaza terraces, covered in cascading vegetation, various orchards, gardens and other responsive spaces, I approach the glass enclosed, central elevator towers (my favorite part). Inside I gain an ever-increasing perspective of the spaces below as I reach the 'Sky Bridge'. This elevated platform spans the whole area and allows me to gain access to any of the central buildings. Furthermore, it is connected by way of a mezzanine within each, acting as sort of the 'Lido Deck' of a cruise ship; this is our express lane. We can get anywhere from here. What if it’s raining or there’s inclement weather you ask? No problem; I simply navigate the network of covered or interior pathways with escalators and elevators through a variety of atrium spaces covered in living-green walls, dynamic water features and interactive displays. Whichever path I choose, I reach my office in a state of calm and clarity knowing that I have satisfied all of my senses just to get here…I’m ready to tackle my day, head on.   

Now let me tell you about my weekend………!!!"